Our key objective is to maximise the value of your land

Over 25 years of experience in land buying and residential development. Experience obtained across the various market sectors, working for Local Authorities, Housing Associations as well as small medium and large developers.

 As a developer Northland, has  been active primarily in London, The Home Counties and wider SE area. Our sites are situated in both urban and rural areas and have ranged in size from 2 to 50 homes. 

  • Some are the refurbishment and conversion of existing buildings right through to the regeneration of brownfield sites and the development of previously undeveloped land. 
  • A number of the sites we have worked on were within Conservation Areas or included listed buildings.
  • We work closely with landowners and vendors to make sure that we reach an agreement that creates the maximum land value within a defined timescale. We have a very flexible approach and can structure a contract in a variety of ways from an outright purchase without planning permission, option agreements and subject to planning contracts.
  • We are happy to work with individuals, companies or community facilities. Some may only wish to either develop part of their land holding or stay within their existing building within the new development or would like to remain on site within a new facility (please see Lion Club case study) We have no rigid format. Our approach is totally flexible it allows us to design bespoke solutions which in turn enables us to satisfy site owner's financial aspirations.. 
  • As well as maximizing land value, we consistently achieve consents on land and sites where others have failed.
  • We always recognise land introductions.
  • We value our long term relationships with Agents, Architects, Planning Consultants and Site Owners
If you would like to explore your development opportunities speak to Mike North on 01728 745 342 or on the mobile 07870 265595.

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Case Study: Lion Club, Hoxton; The reprovision of a Boxing Club and Youth Facility within a residential development

Northland was approached to use our development experience and skills to help secure the future of a boxing and youth club in the Hoxton area of East London . The clubs building was over fifty years old and was in a poor state of repair it was no longer fit for .

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Case Study: Former Peking Rendevous High Street Haddenham

Northland entered a subject to planning agreement with the sites owner. This was not a simple process as two other parties had previously entered such agreements and had not managed to deliver a planning consent which allowed them to meet the vendors aspirations of land value. Northland engaged a local architect .

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